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As a highly-skilled teacher and trainer she has worked with people of diverse cultures and socio-economic levels, from all walks of life, and with all age groups -- from early childhood through to high school, university, the corporate world and even senior citizens. She has also worked with students who had learning difficulties and those who were at-risk. Dr. Jeannette J. Vos has lived in four countries including, The Netherlands, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

As a learning consultant to many companies and schools, researcher and coauthor of the international best seller book,
The Learning Revolution, and follow-up book titled simply, Unlimited, Dr Vos has trained thousands of people internationally on self-learning and coaching methods through tools such as:  accelerated learning, integrative learning, conceptual learning, deep learning, problem and project-based learning, dialogue learning and overall high performance methods. Her multi-media presentations have attracted huge audiences in a number of countries around the world. world. As a world leader in this area, she has spent more than fifteen years on an almost nonstop series of presentations around the globe to corporations, educational organizations and schools. She also provides in-depth four-day Self-Learning Revolution trainings (Levels One, Two and Three) for certification.  

Her series of three new self-learning books coming out soon, are based on the latest neurobiology and quantum physics research, for high performance learning with strategic tools for awakening, accelerating, deepening and thriving with one’s self-learning ability.

In 1993, she earned her doctorate from Northern Arizona University with a seven-year study researching high performance learning methods based on the neurosciences and best practices from around the world. Shortly thereafter, she was cofounder of the National Institute for Teaching Excellence with Dr. John Grassi, at Cambridge College, Boston, Massachusetts. Later she became Senior Professor of Education at Cambridge College in Ontario, California.  As part of a MacArthur Foundation Grant and Master’s Degree program, this included training teachers who were serving at-risk students.

Growing up in very difficult times in Europe and Canada, as a child she was ridiculed and subject to bullying for being a “girl” and not being able to speak English very well. However, Jeannette understood at a young age that education was the key to rising above the cultural deprivation of her childhood and she made a commitment to herself to become the best learner she could be. The result is that not only did Jeannette earn a doctoral degree in education, she has also added a number of health certifications to her repertoire of skills. 

In addition to helping people awaken, accelerate and deepen their self-learning ability, Dr. Vos also feels strongly that powerful learning is linked to thinking ability (both critically and creatively) as well as the health power of the brain/body/mind/spirit connection.