Providing Scholarships & Aid for International Students

The Self-Learning Revolution Academy

Our Mission:
To provide, with integrity and expertise, access to the best holistic high-performance self-learning tools in the world, and to help learners take their self-learning to the next level.

Our Motto:

Do no harm. Do your best. Make a positive difference in the world. We promote behaviors of integrity and permission, through giving and receiving, in cooperation with positive values and principles of nature through mutual encouragement.

Our Main Measurable Goal:

To produce mindful self-learners with an ability for critical, creative and reflective thinking, applicable to any subject area — whether they go on to become entrepreneurs, scientists or the best at whatever they can be.

Who We Serve:

The Self-Learning Revolution Academy implements self-learning courses especially for youth, ages 16 to 26, giving them a chance to co-create their own future. In the USA, we want to offer courses to home schoolers and charter schools. Youth who have begun their work life early, with insufficient education, can benefit from self-learning tools for success, as can people of color, the indigenous and the handicapped.
Our scope is international, as we desire to break through barriers that prevent equal opportunity. We want to reach the less privileged, children living and working in poverty and refugees fleeing from tyranny. In countries where education is not a right, the courses we offer can assist them to gain a way to self-learn what they need for success.

If we want to solve the violence, poverty and refugee problem, the thing we can do is education through value-based self-learning, which eventually leads to value-based self-leadership.

—Dr. Jeannette J Vos

The Self-Learning Revolution Academy seeks to fulfill its vision and mission through inclusion, publications and research.

  1. 1. Inclusion

The self-learning journey is for everyone.
Low income and international students deserve the same opportunity to:

  • Have equal access to the best self-learning tools.
  • Create their own future.
  • Improve their lives of poverty and help their families.
  • Apply critical self-learning tools to prepare for the workplace.
  1. 2. Publications
Through a series of Self-Learning Revolution books, workshops, articles, video demonstrations and other information, we provide help for participants to make more informed conscious decisions about their future resourcefulness, wellness and achievement. The Self-Learning Academy is currently creating resources based on this up-coming book: Secrets to Self-Learning Success.

  1. 3. Research
The Self-Learning Academy is committed to constantly improving learning methods, based on the latest research and services. We avidly support schools and service organizations who emphasize a holistic approach to education, health and well-being that moves us toward a sustainable web of life.

We will be offering an online eight week course to teach self learning skills in the following disciplines:

Week 1: How to Accelerate Your Self-Learning Ability
Week 2: Overcome Stress
Week 3: Self-Care
Week 4: Boost Your Brain for Concentration
Week 5: How Are You Smart?
Week 6: Eat Smart! Learn Smart
Week 7: Break Your Writing Block
Week 8: Learn English Easily and Quickly

How You Can Support Our Cause?

With your financial support, the Self-Learning Revolution Academy can help youth embrace their ability to create their own future through self-learning.

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